Playing around with the portal that will transport the player between the cozy home base and the big bad game world.

I've done a short writeup on how to create a simple sandbox in Unity for live editing game builds:

SuperChop Games is working on a new project. It is a video game. That's about all it has in common with our previous project, Ephemerid.

Currently, it is simply known as proto-1, which is a byproduct of my habit for giving generic names to test projects. It will be ordained with a more interesting name eventually.

So what is proto-1?

Well, first and foremost here's a little peek:

Currently it is a basic prototype of a completely physics based 2d action platformer game. Eventually, we imagine it as a sort of Diablo-meets-roguelike-meets-phyics-sandbox with a procedural weapon system.

Gosh it's nice to be able to describe a game that way. We never even knew how to describe Ephemerid to people, very much to its detriment. With proto-1, we're starting with concepts that are relatable for people, and then adding the interesting bits on top.

Open Development

Since proto-1 is a much more grokkable concept, we're going to open up the development on multiple fronts:

- Weekly video posts on this blog
- Threads for general discussion/news on TIGSource, and on NeoGAF
- Code and techniques shared on the Unity forum
- Publicly available builds starting at a very early stage (soon)

For anyone who's interested, we'll be asking for your suggestions and criticism in order to make proto-1 as cool a game as it can be.

Stay Tuned

Though it will take some time to get all of these gears moving, you can expect to see a lot more in the coming weeks.

What you see here is version of the game. It's all programmer art, and has very little in terms of objectives. The exciting part is, even with so little, it's already kinda fun to play. Can't wait to share a build!